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Anuj Nair

Anuj Nair

Software Engineer at Slack


Building Real-World Desktop Apps with Electron


There’s one surprising thing which links the VS Code, Slack, WhatsApp, Github and Atom desktop apps together - they have all been built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Thanks to Electron, building these powerful, cross-platform desktop apps is easier than you think. Today we’ll learn how to do just that. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of building Electron apps, and look at a real-world example to see how Slack has been created. We’ll dive into Slack’s architecture, and investigate why we solved some of the problems we faced in the way we did.

About Anuj

San Francisco, California

Anuj is a Senior Software Engineer at Slack, concentrating on Front-End Performance and Architecture. He loves creating great user and developer experiences, diving into new web technologies, and sharing his learnings with others. Originally from London, and now living in the Bay Area, Anuj enjoys traveling, hiking, gaming and cooking in his free time, and is on a mission to visit all 50 US states.

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