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Evan Schultz

Evan Schultz

Technical Director at Inc.


How to Create 'Vuetiful' Data-Driven User Interfaces


Although we usually know what components are needed when building most views within an app, sometimes we don't know what they are until runtime. This means we need to build a screen based on the application state, user preferences, or response from an API. A common case is building dynamic forms, where the questions and components needed are either configured by a JSON object, or where fields change based on the users' answers.

About Evan

Toronto, Canada

Evan is an openly gay Technical Director and Developer at Rangle. With over 10 years industry experience Evan cares as much about creating diverse and inclusive work environments, as he does about adopting new technologies, mentoring developers, and enabling teams to succeed. He educates peers and clients and writes about development best practices for’s blog

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