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Hassan Djirdeh

Hassan Djirdeh

Front End Developer at Shopify


Understanding client side routing with Vue.js


In web development, routing often refers to splitting an application’s UI based on rules derived from the browser URL. Numerous tools/libraries exist that allow us to enable routing both on the client and server side of applications.
What does it actually take to construct a client side router? First, I'll use the most basic tools that the Vue framework already provides to build a fully functional custom client side router. We'll then switch over to using the official vue-router library to understand all the benefits that it adds such as nested routes, navigation guards, transition effects, etc.
The objective of this talk is to convey the relevance/importance of client-side routing and how easy it is to accomplish with integrating vue-router to a well structured Vue app.

About Hassan

Toronto, Canada

Hassan Djirdeh is a frontend developer for the app platform team within Shopify. An engineering graduate and a self-taught web developer, Hassan has worn a number of different hats over his career, including technology consultant within Deloitte Digital, where he helped clients build and scale their frontend applications. Hassan is also the lead author of Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js, a project driven guide to learning Vue.js

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