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Kenneth Christiansen

Kenneth Christiansen

Senior Web Platform Architect at Intel Corporation


Service Workers + WebAssembly: Experience implementing a WebP decoder


WebAssembly is a super exciting new technology that is already supported in all major browser. In this talk we look at how you can use web assembly today and how it enables new exciting use-cases. You will be taken through a journey of implementing a webp decoder that allows other developers to easily display webp in Firefox (doesn't support it out of the box) without doing any JavaScript except loading the service worker.

About Kenneth

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen is a Danish software engineer and architect, specialized in mobile and web technology. Working at Intel out of Copenhagen, Kenneth helps define Intel’s strategy and plans regarding the Web Platform, as well as puts it into action. Before joining Intel, Kenneth was employed by Nokia (Denmark and Brazil) where he worked on the Nokia N9 web browser, Qt, WebKit, as well as many other mobile projects.

Kenneth is an elected member of the W3C Technical Architect Group (TAG).

Currently working on Progressive Web Apps and emerging web standards like Web App Manifest, Generic Sensors, Web NFC etc.

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