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Fast start with Vue

Eduardo Morote

NH Collection Hotel
18th July 2018
9h - 13h
500 €   450 €
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Learn Vue, the progressive framework from a core team member. We will start with Vue basics building a small directory app and covering good practices. After the workshop, you will be able to build your own small applications with Vue and know how to go further.


  • Vue declarative system
  • Reactivity
  • Event binding
  • Vue components
  • Animations
  • Functional components


  • This workshop requires a basic knwoledge of Webpack.
  • All attendees should bring their own laptop.
Eduardo Morote

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Eduardo Morote

Eduardo is a Freelance in Front End Development who loves Open Source. He has been contributing to Open source since he started crafting applications. He maintains Vue.js related projects as Vue himself, vuefire and vue-router, but he sometimes helps out somewhere else, to make the web move forward.

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