Eeva-Jonna Panula

Eeva-Jonna Panula

Software Developer at Futurice


Don't Develop Just for Yourself - A Developer's Checklist to Accessibility

Developer, are you (unconsciously) developing sites for users just like yourself? It often means a sighted mouse user with good fine motor skills and who is proficient with computers. But not every user is like that.

Many projects have automated accessibility checkers, and that is a good start. However, they don't catch most of the failures on accessibility. There are some fairly simple checks to ensure a better experience for your users, and from this talk, you'll learn how to do them and, most importantly, why they are essential to do.

About Eeva-Jonna


Eevis is a software developer who enjoys topics like GraphQL, TypeScript, React, and accessibility. She's also IAAP Certified Professional in Web Accessibility. She wrote her first lines of code when she was a teenager, but the lack of role models and support led her away from the magical world of programming. She got a degree in Russian language and culture, but that enchanting atmosphere kept drawing her back, and instead of a translator, she became a software developer.

When she's not coding or talking about coding, she spends her time with ultimate frisbee or exploring the world with a kayak..

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