Katie Walker

Katie Walker

Software Engineer at Capital One


Debugging the Web

When it comes to debugging your JavaScript applications, a few trusty console.logs in your code can be a great aid in tracking down where your variables are becoming undefined, or where your logic may not be operating as expected. It can save you a great deal of time, however, to use one of the many more debugging tools included out-of-the-box of your browser or favourite IDE that you may currently not even be aware exists or you're not sure how to use effectively. In this talk, I will be discussing some available debugging tools and methods, and demonstrate situations they are best placed to be used for debugging during the development process to overall make it faster and less tedious.

About Katie


Katie is a Software Engineer at Capital One, currently working as a backend services engineer and previously as a full stack developer. She’s particularly interested in React, Cloud and loves to tinker (and play!) with games in her free time. Katie also organises JavaScript meet-ups in her local community - NottsJS and MidlandsJS for local JS enthusiasts to speak about their projects and experiences.

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