Sean Larkin

Sean Larkin

Technical Manager at Microsoft


How we make Web Apps lightning fast at Microsoft!

Did you know that the average website takes over 16 seconds to load on a mobile device? Did you know that on average the amount JavaScript and CSS that goes wasted is over 60%! If JavaScript and CSS are our most expensive resources to load, _*why*_ are we hurting our load times by shipping stuff we don’t ever use? How do we get rid of this unused code? How can we profile our web applications load times? Join me as I teach you about the performance constrains of the modern web, and how to write rich applications within these boundaries using household tools like webpack. We'll learn how you can use techniques like code-splitting and how to adopt patterns that we use here at Microsoft so you can make your applications fast and at scale!!


Sean Larkin will be doing the Deploying Web Applications with webpack workshop.

About Sean

Seattle, WA

Sean Larkin is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Edge DevTools and maintainer of webpack. Outside of work, he works with Fortune 500 companies helping them change their culture for Web Performance, Open Source, and embracing emerging technologies. In his free time he loves spending time with his family, hiking, playing video games, hacking on IoT, and Streaming his open source work!

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