Deploying Web Applications with webpack

Sean Larkin

Auditori AXA
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This webpack workshop is for those learning to use the open source bundler responsible for powering some of the most popular high-performance applications! You will learn why you should use webpack to build your web applications and how to leverage webpack as a critical piece of your front-end or Node.js-build architecture. We will cover the webpack's core concepts, understand how to organize and compose webpack's capabilities, and learn how to use webpack to perform high-performance front-end techniques such as code-splitting and long-term caching, as well as writing custom loaders and plug-ins. By the end of the course you will also walk away with an understanding of JavaScript modules and how they relate to high-performance web apps, and with the confidence to understand and make front-end architecture decisions that are right for your next project.

Workshop venue

  • Auditori AXA (floor -1)


  • Learn about why webpack was created and how it relates to the evolution of JavaScript and JavaScript Modules.
  • Learn how to identify different module formats and how webpack handles them. This will teach you how to choose great libraries when pulling in dependencies for your application.
  • Customize your stack to use your favorite tools by understanding how to use loaders, plugins in the webpack ecosystem.
  • Understand how to take a project and successfully migrate it webpack
  • Learn to create your own custom loaders and plugins that allow you to master your workflow and special business cases and needs.
  • Learn to ship a faster website by understanding how code splitting works in webpack.
  • Create a plan for building performance into your everyday workflow with ideas around monitoring build sizes, performance budgets, and CI checks.


  • This workshop requires a basic knwoledge of Webpack.
  • All attendees should bring their own laptop.
Sean Larkin

Meet the trainer

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Sean Larkin

Sean Larkin is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Edge DevTools and maintainer of webpack. Outside of work, he works with Fortune 500 companies helping them change their culture for Web Performance, Open Source, and embracing emerging technologies. In his free time he loves spending time with his family, hiking, playing video games, hacking on IoT, and Streaming his open source work!

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