Thank you for your interest in speaking at JSCamp 2021! We are looking forward to reading your proposals.

JSCamp is an International single-track and two-day conference covering all about modern web technologies. Is a chance for developers to discuss the latest technologies and innovations in the JavaScript world, ranging from vanilla JS and ECMAScript features to Vue, React, Node.js, Angular, Performance, Security, and everything else that matters for professional web and cross-platform development.

Code of conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with our Code of Conduct. This ensures that everyone has a great experience during the event.

Selection process

We are aware of the lack of diversity in the speaker line-up of tech conferences and we will do our best to select a wide variety of speakers representing people from all kinds of backgrounds.

The selection process roughly follows these steps:

  1. The proposals are completely anonymized during the initial selection phase to avoid any possible bias.
  2. All submissions are reviewed by the Program Committee. They vote on which ones should be selected.
  3. The top-voted submissions are de-anonymized to take speaker details into account, in order to ensure a diverse representation and to avoid things like having one speaker giving more than one talk.

Focus areas

The most important thing is that you give a talk on something you are passionate or curious about!

Here’s a loose list of topics and ideas to inspire you:

  • System design and Architecture
  • Frontend Frameworks: Preact, React, Vue.js, Angular, etc.
  • Backend: NodeJS, Containers, Microservices, Serverless, etc.
  • Testing, performance, optimization, tooling, etc.
  • Machine learning
  • Embedded systems and IoT
  • Mobile: Ionic, NativeScript, Cordova, Capacitor, etc.
  • WebVR, WebAR, visualization
  • Security
  • Creative Coding
  • Soft skills
  • Got a talk idea? We want to see it!

In broader terms, we’re looking for talks that fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Practical and innovative approaches to current technologies
  • Talks that offer some insight into problems that you’ve faced and how they were solved, what approach was followed, and what lessons and new ideas were learned. Failure stories are also good learning experiences to share with the audience.
  • Inspiring talks that motivate the audience to challenge themselves and try new ideas.


The more thought you put into your proposal, the better the chances are that it will be selected! Make sure you show how much you care about the topics you intend to talk about.

There will be one talk format:

  • 30-minute talks.

When preparing your proposal make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Follow the Code of Conduct. It’s imperative that your talk adheres to it.
  • We value original ideas applicable to real-world problems.
  • Be brief and try to go straight to the point.
  • Review your proposal before submitting it. Be careful about typos, formatting, etc.
  • Keep the audience in mind: make sure your talk is engaging.

All talks will be in English. If your talk is selected make sure to rehearse it a few times to ensure that it lasts 30 minutes exactly. There will be no Q&A.


If your talk proposal is selected we will offer:

  • Ticket to attend both conferences.

Join us on stage!

Do you want to help us make this year’s conference the best of its kind yet? We would like to hear from you! Inspire others and be a part of this breathtaking event while making an impact on this marvellous developer community.

Submit your proposals here: until May 24th, 2021, midnight CET.

Important: We will record and publish all talks on YouTube for free under a Creative Commons license, we expect you agree on this, but if you have any concern about it, please let us know.

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