CSS in JS - The good, The bad and The ugly


The rise of modern JS frameworks brought in more efficient concept of Front End programming. These inspired new approaches, such as CSS Module and CSS-in-JS, more scoped in working with CSS. It’s always a debate which is the best practice among these approaches. Some claimed CSS-in-JS eliminates developer’s most fear when dealing with CSS (the CSS file) with more dynamic approach. Some disagreed. If you are keen to know about CSS-in-JS and what should be considered when it comes to work with CSS, this talk is for you.

About Maya

Tel Aviv

Maya is a Frontend Developer @Cloudinary and also a writer on Frontend Weekly, where she mainly writes articles about JavaScript tutorials and good practices. She has been developing web apps with Angular, VueJS and recently ReactJS. She loves to learn and experiment with new framework, while believing that a strong Vanilla JavaScript knowledge is necessary for being a good web developer. When not coding, she enjoys traveling, reading manga, and sketching.

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